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Altra Paradigm Shift Campaign

The Problem

At the time, Altra was a burgeoning athletic shoe brand striving to gain a foothold in the market. With the ambition of making their name synonymous with versatility, Altra approached us in pursuit of promoting their series of specific shoes made for different running surfaces, from rocky trails to asphalt roads.  Altra put their trust in us to create a marketing campaign that would set them apart from their competitors and solidify their presence in the extremely competitive industry.

Altra Running with the Bulls

Altra Running with the Bulls

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Filmed in Pamplona in the midst of the famous annual "Running of the Bulls" event

The Journey

Filmed in Norway was base jumper approaching his jump on a rugged trail. 

We pulled out all of the stops with a multi-faceted campaign that aimed to align Altra with the extremes of the human spirit. Our first advertisement showed an Altra-wearing athlete running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, demonstrating the shoes' capacity to handle hard surfaces and provide speed and agility. The second advertisement featured an Altra athlete running along a rocky trail in Norway, exhibiting the shoes' prowess on rugged terrain. In a stunning finale, the athlete jumped off a massive cliff and released a parachute, revealing he was a base jumper who used Altra shoes to traverse the technical approach trail to the cliff.

The Results

Since working with Altra, they have established themselves as a top brand in athletic footwear, garnering a passionate following of brand loyalists. They are perhaps best known for their trail running shoes which have increased in sales growth every year since the campaign. At the time, Altra had a great product but needed an identity that people could resonate with and we provided that through a campaign marked with ambition and creativity.  At Journey Creative, no idea is too grand; whether it's running with the bulls in Pamplona or jumping off a cliff in Norway, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

A third spot filmed in Sweden at the Koenigsegg car factory, producer of one of the fastest production cars in the  world. 

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