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Concept Pitch Decks / Script Creation - Our talented team of writers will listen to you to create a roadmap of production as well as a clear, creative, and goal driven script. 


Animated Storyboarding - We want to give you the ability to visualize our ideas before shooting, so we have specialists onboard who can render frames accompanied with dialogue to give you an understanding of our process as well as help our team with a seamless production phase. 


Production Design - In today’s world of quick attention spans and short form videos, it can be difficult to express brand identity. That’s why the set, props and artistic decisions have become increasingly important, in creating an immediate aesthetic and brand identity for your viewers and future customers to quickly catch on to. We give you both the expert personnel and access to different spaces and props to make this happen.

Location Scouting - Having shot in over 30 countries and hundreds of  different cities for IFit’s global workout series, as well as for national commercial campaigns, our team is well versed in finding the perfect location for your production goals. Whether that is in an atmospheric city square or a penguin filled glacier in Antarctica (Yes we have filmed there!) we will not only find the perfect shot, but also navigate the permitting process of wherever you choose. 



Industry Leading Directors and Crew Members - We have a huge roster of some of the most talent union and non-union production crew members. 


Equipment - We have a love for our shooting gear, that may be veering on obsession.  Versatile 4K - 8K cameras, cinema-grade lenses, all stabilization systems, advanced lighting systems, audio bundles, and drones. This is just some of our industry standard equipment that will bring your ideas to life. Every project needs a unique set of tools and we have them all. 


Studio Shoots - With our access to top of the line studio space and our experience executing large scale studio shoots including nationally televised ad spots for one of the top brands in the fitness industry, we should be your top choice for any of your studio projects big or small. We can provide unique sets, and greenscreens to take your content to the next level. 


Location Shoots - When it comes to your big ideas, sometimes we must travel outside the walls of the studio to find that perfect shot. Fortunately for you, our POV workout content for IFit has taken us to over 30 countries and hundreds of cities around the world giving  us the experience and global connections to not only find that ideal spot but to also navigate the logistics to get you there with the camera rolling. Whether it’s a bustling market in your city, or the stone spires of Patagonia in South America, no place is too close or too far for us to produce magic. 


Post Production

Editing - You may have the most incredible footage in the world, but it will soon be forgotten if it is not organized in a way that is both comprehensible and emotionally riveting. This is where our team of experienced editors and top of the industry software come into play. These unsung heroes work tirelessly after the shoot to refine the footage into something that is never short of spectacular. 


Visual Effects - Trying to find some movie magic for your project? We can do that too. Our team of editors (and their software) have the technical prowess to add CGI and seamlessly composite the visual effects into a cohesive and aesthetically stunning final product. 


Sound Design - Crystal clear sound is one of the key components to emotionally engaging content. Our audio specialists make sure that no words get lost amongst the hustle and bustle of your chosen location.


Motion Graphics - Motion graphics have become commonplace in today’s world of marketing because of its ability to convey emotion, explain concepts in a quick and comprehensible way, and effectively promote products or services. We love this method of illustrative storytelling, and can offer customizations that revolve around your ideas and goals. 


Voice Over - A well placed voice-over lets your audience inside the minds of the people on film, or can simply add some necessary context to some on screen imagery. In any case, we can add in a voice in post production, that helps to create clear and effective messaging. 


Coloring - Our editing team will carefully study each frame of your footage and add color if necessary to make your project pop. While some production companies go a little heavy on the coloring, at Digiphile, we make sure to add subtle yet eye-catching manipulations that make for a clean and engaging final product. 


Animation - Computer animation isn’t just for Pixar anymore. Whether it’s 2D or 3D we can bring drawings to life, using our cutting edge animation software and expert animators and modelers on staff. 

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