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"Go Somewhere New" Superbowl Spot

The Problem

NordicTrack sought our expertise in reaching a broad audience and establishing a brand presence that could rival that of Peloton, which had recently dominated the home fitness industry at the time. Our task was to appeal to both younger and older adult demographics, who had shown considerable interest in home workout equipment with streaming capabilities. NordicTrack recognized this growing trend and with our help saw an opportunity to establish themselves as a key player within this broad demographic and market.

Our "Go Somewhere with NordicTrack which commercial which aired during the 2021 Superbowl. 

The Journey

Jade Bird Studio Recording

Jade Bird Studio Recording

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A behind the scenes look at Jade Bird recording her rendition of the Johnny Cash classic

We aimed high by securing an unmatched ad spot with immense reach: the Super Bowl. Our creative team crafted a catchy and impactful ad that appealed to multiple age groups. We reimagined Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere" to highlight locations where Nordictrack owners could virtually workout. To bring our vision to life, we enlisted rising star musician Jade Bird, popular amongst younger audiences. With her powerful voice and our well timed lyrics, we created an enthralling musical backdrop for an upbeat video showcasing iFit's locations (and yes, we really have shot in all of these places!). Our collaboration evoked nostalgia and yearning, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

The Results

Our ad had an exceptional reach that elevated brand awareness for Nordictrack and iFit to unprecedented levels. Not only did it capture the attention of millions of viewers during the Super Bowl, but it also garnered an impressive 2.5 million views on YouTube, which is a testament to its entertainment value and organic appeal. This level of exposure was unmatched in Nordictrack's history as a company, allowing them to connect with a vast audience and establish a strong presence in the home fitness market. The success of our campaign was a reflection of our team's innovative and strategic approach to marketing


Results by the Numbers

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